What is Web3? Is It really the future of Internet?

What is Web3? Is It really the future of Internet?

The future of the internet is a multi-trillion-dollar question in the advancing era of tech industry. In the middle of this lively debate around how our online experiences will evolve is an idea known as Web3.The term has existed for the better part of a decade, but stays a hazy and polarizing topic, splitting individuals who see it to change the arena for the higher, and others who spy an opportunity to make even extra cash from a decentralized internet.

The History of the Internet: Web1 & Web2


We have come an extended way from the Web1 technology of the internet and laughably low speeds. In Web1, internet access was limited to governments, the army, and those in city regions. It worked like to a “announcement” machine, wherein you could study each day bulletins, but you couldn’t make any changes. While Web1 became a “study-only” era, Web2 marked the upward push of social media. Social media enabled us to interact and collaborate across continents. However, as all suitable things move, there has been an exchange-off. That became allowing businesses to access, save, and use your data.

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What is Web3?


Before you try studying greater about web3 future, it’s essential to understand the term itself. You need to know the reality that you don’t have possession over any of your data on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram etc. The internet maximum folks use these days is significantly centralized in nature and remains under the management of essential corporations. On the other hand, the new opportunity for these problems comes in the form of web3. Web3.0 or web3 is an interesting concept referring to the subsequent technology of the internet, and it suggests the capacity of customers to control and manage based on their virtual assets and other online content. How will web3 change the globe? The simple answer points to how massive groups create and offer products and services thru a centralized method. Let us anticipate the instance of a social media network like Facebook. Do you own any of the facts you’ve got on Facebook? No, Meta has possession of each asset on Facebook and has all control over the content material created by means of customers. The employer has the right to ban or block you as per your wishes. Another instance of a centralized online platform refers to the online game Fortnite. The platform does now not permit any control of in-sport identities and items. Therefore, it is quite clear that users can’t control or monetize the content material they invent with web 2.0.

Transformations Induced by Web3


If you want to study the answers to “Is web3 the destiny of the internet?” you need to understand the specific methods in which it’s far converting the arena proper now. Web3 answers were dominating the center level of transitions in main regions such as storage, browsers, social networks, finance, and working systems. Gradually, the internet is shifting closer to the web3 ideas for introducing an internet of belongings. How is this change happening? Some of the high-quality examples of the transition closer to web3 consist of the subsequent,

  • New browsers like Brave present a decentralized alternative to the famous web2 browser, Google Chrome.
  • Storage systems have been changing choices from Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure closer to IPFS.
  • The web3 destiny would also spotlight the big adjustments in finance with choices for crypto wallets together with Meta mask in place of traditional banks.
  • The shift toward the future of web3 could also highlight the upward thrust of recent decentralized social networks such as Steemit in place of centralized alternatives which includes Facebook.
  • Centralized operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS in the web2 do not have many features added in web3 operating systems inclusive of EOS and Ethereum.

Consumers in Web3


The most important advantage Web 3 brings to the financial world is the elimination of all the muddle between consumers and organizations. Consumers would have a greater impactful voice in the products they achieve. Web3 prioritizes socialization and collaboration among brands and their consumers, making input from clients influence every step of a company’s manufacturing main to more described and personal shopping experiences.

Web 3.0 might be a home to the Metaverse too, an extra personalized internet that revolves around the ability of customers to interact with any logo online and buy digital assets to be used in their personal digital world. People might be capable of buying virtual real estate and content to populate it with, creating their personal individual online ecosystem that they are able to revel in all to themselves or share their worlds with buddies.

A critical role performed in each the metaverse and the soar to Web 3 is the advent of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). These tokens are close to impossible to recreate or steal considering sensitive information to be stored, moved, or maybe sold much less complicated than in the past. Many are used as the currency of the internet in crypto blockchains. Some of the most famous are Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL).

The decentralization of data and the usage of blockchain era is being utilized by all parts of the internet. The gaming industry has already taken gain of those new techniques with video games relying plenty much on tokens generated with the aid of the users to apply and lock away like another crypto. The world of virtual finance has also taken consideration with the aid of the use of decentralized finance that lets in human beings to lend or borrow both digital and physical currency while not having to apply primary monetary establishments such as banks. They are held together by means of smart contracts with using blockchains that ensure every transaction is maintained and observed through.

Web3 Jobs Pay Well

You’re probably lots familiar with the economics concept of supply and demand. When something is in low supply however having high demand, humans are inclined to pay extra for it. That’s precisely what’s happening with Web3 professionals. People with Web3 capabilities are likely to earn above-average salaries. That’s one reason why humans are jumping at opportunities to emerge as Web3 specialists on this early stage.



Web3 packages are already here but whether the concept turns into mainstream in its modern-day form remains a matter for speculation. Autonomy and decentralization shape the core of the vision and prescient; however, the burning topic is whether governments and regulatory bodies will permit them. Lack of oversight and control might continually entail safety, protection, and legal issues that is already a primary challenge. Furthermore, Elon Musk and previous Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have expressed apprehensions of Web3 being decentralized and no longer only an advertising and marketing buzzword to switch control to venture capitalists (VCs). Yet another argument in opposition to Web3 is that blockchains are acknowledged to be power guzzlers adversely contributing to weather change, similarly adoption of the technology can negatively impact the climate. In the last, each paradigm shift has its personal set of challenges that are tackled because it evolves. Several companies are already adopting Web3 technology to stay ahead of the curve at the same time as many are still exploring the opportunities. Forward-looking enterprise leaders must prepare themselves and their companies to include Web3 whilst it arrives.