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Conversational AI is a web-based platform that utilizes AI algorithms and is designed to improve customer interactions and streamline user experience.

Message AI

Message AI (NLP orchestration) is an API-based platform empowering users to train AI models for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and named intent classification without prior machine learning expertise.

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DiveDeepAi has worked in different fields including computer vision, natural language processing, time series, sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning in Canada.

Translation Model

The Translation Model is an innovative machine-learning solution meticulously crafted to effortlessly translate storybooks from English to German, ensuring impeccable preservation of context and narrative continuity.

Food Prediction

The Food Prediction App is a powerful tool that utilizes advanced image recognition and machine learning techniques to accurately identify food items from pictures and estimate their glycemic index. 


PropertyGPT, an advanced machine learning chatbot, has revolutionized the customer care industry by providing prompt and accurate answers to inquiries regarding properties and locations.

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