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Whether you want to built a new machine leaning product, develop an existing one, get any type of machine learning services in Canada, or introduce AI to your business, the best machine learning service providers are here to help you.

Who we are

Every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen. DivedeepAI has proved itself as one of the best machine learning services company in Canada by completing more than 850 projects in the last year.

Our Machine Learning and AI services

As DiveDeepAI is a machine learning services providers company in Canada, we provide all kinds of customized solutions and services to our clients.

recommendation system

Our unwavering dedication to achieving excellence is unmistakably reflected in our domain of personalized recommendation AI systems. These bespoke solutions align with the preferences of users. 

Computer Vision

Through our computer vision-enabled solutions, we deploy state-of-the-art AI models that fit seamlessly, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients. These machine learning services in Canada provide impactful insights.

Predictive Analysis

Harness the power of our secure Predictive Analytics platform, enabling you to engage in accurate forecasting and skillfully navigate through various what-if scenarios. With our robust solutions, you can approach decision-making.

Audio Analysis

DiveDeepAI’s audio analysis stands as an advanced methodology, encompassing automated trained approaches, designed to classify audio files with exceptional precision. This process involves grouping them.

NLP & Sentiment Analysis

DiveDeepAI’s natural language processing and sentiment analysis empowers companies to rapidly identify online chatter about their brands and subsequently categorize it as positive, negative, or neutral using machine learning services.

Time Series Analysis

Delivering clients the utmost reliable time series analysis, we harness the power of machine learning across diverse methods. From traditional to cutting-edge techniques, we ensure accurate insights, meeting your needs comprehensively.

Our Development Services in Canada

DiveDeepAI’s audio analysis is an automatic, or manually..

Product Scopping

Our role extends beyond the surface – we actively collaborate with organizations to meticulously define the scope and intricate requirements of their products. At DiveDeepAI, our expertise comes to the forefront as we guide clients.

UI/UX Design Consulting

DivedeepAI experts offer user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design services, along with UI/UX consultancy. We cater to new product development and enhancements for existing digital products.


As a leading provider of machine learning services, we are dedicated to crafting and enhancing automated software solutions. Our team of experts is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology for your needs.

App & Web Development

Collaborating closely with clients, we comprehend needs, design applications/websites, and execute through planning, design, development, testing, and deployment stages.

Product Development

Utilizing machine learning, we convert ideas into a strong product, making it a competitive advantage. DivedeepAI offers bespoke product development, support, and technology consulting.

Support & Maintenance

At DivedeepAI, we are dedicated to ensuring that your products and the system operate flawlessly. Our commitment extend beyond the initial development phase as we provide the maintenance services.

Hire Developers With DiveDeepAI Today

It can be difficult to find the best on-demand developers for your project, but a trusted partner can help. At DivedeepAI, we have years of experience hiring top talent having expertise in all areas of machine learning services in Canada that help us complete the range of initiatives and work within a range of models, from staff augmentation to dedicated teams. We carefully vet every provider and determine which developers are the most compatible fit with your needs.


We employ best practice processes and development methodologies as a foundation for rapid building of cutting-edge technology solutions in a structured and methodological way.

This step involves identifying the goals and objectives of the software, as well as gathering information about the users and their needs. Sprints, scrum meetings are planned.

During this step, the software architecture and user interface are designed. This includes creating diagrams, flowcharts, and wireframes to describe the structure and functionality of the software.

In this step, we define the product or project scopes. Tasks of the sprints are defined and explained. Which machine learning services will be used are outlined. 

This step is where the software is actually built. Developers write the code for the software according to the design specifications.

This step involves testing the software to ensure that it functions correctly and meets the requirements. This can include unit testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing.

Once the software has been tested and deemed ready for release, it is deployed to the intended users or customers.

This step involves providing ongoing support for the software, including bug fixes and updates.

We Have On-Demand Developers

We are proud to employ over 20 in house developers with many years of combined software development experience in a which range of industries and have a good experience in developing machine learning services company in Canada

Real-Time Communication

We are always available for our clients. We provide real time communication whenever the client wants. Having real time communication helps reduce confusions and chaos between the client and the company.

Scalable Business Model

DivedeepAI has a scalable business model for all its machine learning services that it provides. We adjust according to our client’s timeline, budget and incorporate all the changes within the scope even if they are identified later.

You Own the Source Code

You “own” the source code, means that you have the legal right to use, modify, and distribute the code as you see fit. This is because the code was specifically created for you and you have obtained the rights to the code through a purchase or license agreement.

Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions refer to software programs that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a particular organization or individual. These solutions are typically developed by a team of software engineers, designers, and other professionals, and are designed to meet the unique needs of the client.

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