Computer Vision Services and Solutions in Canada

DiveDeepAI’s team of computer vision designers and developers create custom video and image analysis software for Computer vision and image processing. We develop computer vision AI software that can carry out multiple tasks, including real-time gesture and movement recognition, computer vision and image processing, human detection, and analysis.

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Customize Computer Vision Application Development Services

Data Preparation using Computer Vision Techniques

We give our client a volume of computer vision training data of videos and images to iterate through the algorithms numerous times for accurate data results and verification.

Model Training and Enhancement

Our team enhances the model designing and training using libraries and frameworks like OpenCV, TensorFlow, Torch, and GPU modules to build responsive computer vision applications.

System integration using Computer Vision Techniques

Our Team integrates the computer vision services into a final product and configures the system as per business requirements.

Application Development

DiveDeepAI’s team develops responsive, scalable, optimized and robust computer vision enabled applications using both traditional and advanced computer vision techniques.

Customized Computer Vision
Application Development

Backed by years of experience building software for different businesses and enterprises, DiveDeepAI provides customized computer vision software development services in Canada and computer vision applications around video analysis solutions, object detection, and image extraction.

our expertise in computer vision


We implement optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition in industrial work services using computer vision capabilities and techniques.

GAN - Generative Adversarial Network

We implement GAN over a training dataset to generate new data with the same statistics as the training set. This involves several techniques including added noise and rotations in case of images.

Object Detection, Tracking and Labeling

We assemble an anticipated pipeline of high-quality computer vision training information that will show your ML-controlled computer vision framework to discover and distinguish objects in picture and video data.


We implement optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition in industrial work services using computer vision capabilities and techniques.

Image Detection/Recognition in Computer vision AI

With our computer vision AI and machine learning engineering capabilities, we do picture detection and recognition. We mine the rich information and convert unstructured information into organized information to produce important experiences.

Computer vision capabilities used in content-based image retrieval

We use computer vision strategies to the image retrieval and recovery issue in enormous databases to put together digital pictures by their visual elements.

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DiveDeepAI’s Engagement Models

Motivated and Dedicated Development Team

We have a highly qualified, motivated and dedicated team of developers that work hard to deliver quality computer vision development services in Canada to customers.

Project-based Model using Computer Vision

Our project-based model is developed using computer vision capabilities to collaborate with clients and our software development team engaged in a customer’s project.

Team Extension

Our team extension model is intended to help and assist customers who want to extend their team with the right expertise and skills required for their project.