Top 15 ETL tools

In the modern world, data is immensely essential, mainly for marketers and business proprietors. The amount of data available to enterprise businesses these days may be overwhelming, particularly while you are attempting to pull actionable insights and make important decisions. Luckily, ETL tools (Extract, Transform, and Load) are supporting companies manipulate all their records effortlessly and at scale, keep away from information silos, and save loads of time on reporting. Let’s take a more in-depth look at numerous ETL tools available in the market today and how you may select the nice one on your commercial enterprise requirements.


Azure Data Factory


Azure Data
Factory is known as a serverless, completely managed Data Integration service.
With Azure Data Factory, you can easily assemble ETL approaches in intuitive
surroundings with no prerequisite coding understanding. You can then supply
incorporated information to Azure Synapse Analytics to unearth valuable
insights to guide business growth. The key features of Azure Data Factory
include that Azure Data Factory is cost-effective since it lets you to get a
know-how how of a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Azure Data Factory allows you to
ingest all your Software as a Service (SaaS) and software data with over 90
built-in connectors. You can use Azure Data Factory to rehost SQL Server
Integration Services in some clicks with built-in CI/CD and Git support. You
can use autonomous ETL to liberate operational efficiencies even as permitting
citizen integrators.


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Redshift ETL Tools


Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse service presented through Amazon. This makes it very
easy and price-effective to save and query big quantities of data. ETL tools may be used to extract data from a Redshift database and load it into any other database or file system. Some of the popular ones are AWS Glue, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Kinesis Hevo Data, and many others.

Stream sets


The StreamSets DataOps platform allows you to power your digital transformation and modern analytics with continuous data. It permits you to monitor, construct, and run smart Data Pipelines at scale from a single point of login. StreamSets can quickly build and install batch, streaming, ML, CDC, and ETL pipelines. It also allows you to control and display all your Data Pipelines from a single pane of glass. Some important features of StreamSets include bendy Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployment, you could move easily among on-premises and more than one cloud environments without transform. You can lessen renovation time by 80% with computerized updates and no rewrites. Moreover, you can manipulate gaps and remove blind spots through global transparency and manipulation of all Data Pipelines at scale across Multi-Cloud and Hybrid frameworks. StreamSets assist you to maintain jobs running even if systems and schemas exchange.




FlyData is a cloud-based totally real-time data integration platform. FlyData helps the replication of data from numerous resources into Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and S3. FlyData is the fastest ELT platform available on the market, beating both Stitch and Fivetran in reliability and velocity. FlyData has a clean product differentiation in the time it takes to set up data replication and the velocity at which it can perform the replication of several rows of data. FlyData is exceptionally endorsed for any employer that values pace and reliability in records integration, inclusive of e-commerce. FlyData has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2, and several users praise FlyData’s customer support, return investment, and speed of implementation. Reviewer Priyam J. Writes “Reports that firstly took 10 ½ hours to run now took one minute. This enabled Eight to share KPI reviews throughout the group each morning at a set time.

Saas Data Management


SAAS Data Management is a data integration platform built to hook up with information wherever it exists, consisting of cloud, legacy systems, and data lakes. These integrations provide a holistic view of the organization’s commercial enterprise processes. The device optimizes workflows with the aid of reusing data control policies and empowering non-IT stakeholders to pull and analyze data in the platform. SAS Data Management is also flexible and works in a ramification of computing environments and databases in addition to integrating with third-party data modeling tools to provide compelling visualizations.



Stitch is an open-source ELT data integration platform. Like Talend, Stitch additionally offers paid service levels for extra advanced use cases and large numbers of data resources. The comparison is apt in greater ways than one: Stitch was acquired by Talend in November 2018. The Stitch platform sets itself apart by means of supplying self-service ELT and automated data pipelines, making the process simpler. However, could-be users need to observe that Stitch’s ELT tool does not perform arbitrary alterations. Rather, the Stitch group indicates that transformations need to be added on top of raw data in layers once inside the data warehouse. G2 users have given Stitch commonly positive critiques, not to mention the title of “High Performer.” One reviewer compliments Stitch’s “simplicity of pricing, the open-source nature of its inner workings, and ease of onboarding.” However, a few Stitch reviews cite minor technical problems and a lack of support for less popular data resources.


Microsoft SQL Server Integration Settings


Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) allows the improvement of excessive-overall
performance information integration, transformation, and migration solutions at a noticeably low price. It consists of extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities for data warehousing. The SSIS software is suitable for mining data, copying, or downloading files, loading data into warehouses, cleaning its noise, or administering SQL Server items or data. You’ll additionally want to remember SSIS whilst loading data, which includes flat documents, XML files, and relational databases, from a couple of sources. Being a Microsoft product means that it gives native support for Azure cloud operations, as well as many on-premises use cases.

ETL Tools For  SalesForce


Salesforce is an effective customer relationship management (CRM) device that enables companies keep track of leads, possibilities, and customers. However, with so much data and so many heavy updates, it is crucial to make sure that your Salesforce implementation is working efficaciously. Several ETL tools are available that can be used to extract records from Salesforce, consisting of Jitterbit, Apex Data Loader, and many others.

Pentaho by Hitachi Vantara


The Pentaho solution is an open-source data integration platform. It simplifies retrieving, cleaning, and cataloging statistics and data, so that different teams can use it in a constant layout. For machine learning purposes, the tool helps get right of entry to IoT data. It is likewise enormously scalable, permitting you to investigate big quantities of data quickly and on demand. Pentaho Data Integration also gives the Spoon desktop client. The device permits you to build adjustments, schedule jobs, and manually start processing tasks. PDI is also suitable for leveraging real-time ETL as a data source for Pentaho Reporting. It additionally supports no-code operations and OLAP services.




Datorama is an ETL advertising and marketing tool that employs a holistic technique for accumulating an organization’s advertising data, pulling from more than one resources that will help you run effective sales and commercial enterprise development campaigns. One of the most critical functions of this software program is its AI framework, which plays complex calculations using a massive amount of data to help organizations in acquiring new customers and maintaining their current ones. The three principal engines of the software consist of information integration, activation, and insights. The benefits of the software include extensive document options on software dashboard. A centralized system for integrating more than one module inclusive of CRM and digital advertising. Easy to use interface for platform integration and data analysis. Real-time automation through artificial intelligence.


Talend offers several solutions for data integration and control in one region. That includes Talend OpenStudio, Big Data Platform, and Stich Data Loader. The Talend Data Fabric offers end-to-end data integration and governance for managing on-premises and cloud facts. It supports cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments. You can also use it with virtually any public cloud provider and cloud data warehouse. You’ll also have loads of built-in integrations to work with, so you can extract and transform data from nearly any supply and load it to a destination spot of your choice. You can also enhance your Talend edition’s competencies with the help on including tools for Big Data, app
integration, and different data solutions.

AWS Glue ETL Tool

This serverless data integration service offers the things you want to find out, put together, and combine data quickly and efficiently. It provides both visual and code-based interfaces to make data integration easier. The AWS Glue Data Catalog is used to easily locate and get right of entry to information. Visual tools in AWS Glue Studio are used by data engineers and ETL developers to create, run, and monitor ETL workflows with a few clicks.


Jaspersoft is widely seemed like a leader in the Data Integration phase that makes a specialty of ETL. It is a part of the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite that gives a
customizable, flexible, and developer-friendly Business Intelligence platform tailor-made to every purchaser’s needs. The key capabilities of Jasper includes that Jasper is made on 100% web standards such as its JavaScript API for embedding. Its API-first approach makes it a coveted product in the market. It allows you to build data visualizations and reports to genuine design specs. With Multi-tenant support, you can manage security to data and get access to resources for all your SaaS clients.

Information Power Center

Informatica PowerCenter is a mature, characteristic-rich corporate data integration
platform for ETL workloads. PowerCenter is simply one tool inside the Informatica suite of cloud data management tools. As an enterprise-class, database-neutral solution, PowerCenter has a popularity for high performance and compatibility with many different data sources, such as both SQL and non-SQL databases. The negatives of Informatica PowerCenter includes the tool’s excessive charges and a challenging learning curve that may deter smaller groups with fewer technical chops. Despite those drawbacks, Informatica PowerCenter has earned a faithful following, with an average of 4.3 out of five stars on G2—enough to be named a G2 “Leader” in data integration software program. Reviewer Victor C. calls PowerCenter “possibly the most powerful ETL tool I actually have ever used”; however, he additionally complains that PowerCenter may be slow and does not integrate nicely with visualization tools which includes Tableau and QlikView.


Hadoop is free and open source ETL tool. The Apache Hadoop software program library is a framework designed to guide processing massive records units through distributing the computational load throughout clusters of computers. The library is designed to stumble on and cope with failures at the application layer versus the hardware layer, offering excessive availability at the same time while combining the computing power of multiple machines. Through the Hadoop YARN module, the framework also helps task scheduling and cluster resource administration.