E commerce Product listing Generalization

DiveDeepAI developed a platform that generalizes e-commerce products on a website. It has three main features named as Generalize Company Name, Generalize Category and Update Title. Generalize Company Name feature takes an excel or csv file and column name containing company names as input. The similarity of parent company is calculated with other company names and if there is any company with the similar name or part of it then it’ll be added as company variant. An additional column name “Updated Company” will be added into the file containing company‚Äôs parent name. The result is an updated json file. Generalize Category feature takes an excel or csv file, category column name and sub category column name as input. It picks the first category name and matches it with the other categories and sub categories. If there is a similarity, that category or sub category will be assigned to the first category name and the same procedure will be replicated.

The result is a json object containing all the categories and their similar and sub categories. Update Title feature takes an excel or csv file, list of words, and column names of mpn, description and brand as input. It will clean the description of each record in the file and will create an ‘Updated Title’ column in which each record written as “Brand Name – Description – MPN”. The output is a json object with an additional column called “Updated Title”