Professionals at DiveDeepAI made a mind-blowing and remarkable product by the name of aitweets.co. This website gives you updates on all the tremendous innovations in the AI world. Moreover, it provides a newsletter facility on weekly basis to the people who subscribe to it.

About Client

Its DiveDeepAI’s own product especially made to facilitate the AI community. People interested in development of AI will no longer have to go on pages on twitter and waste their time in searching for AI related news and updates. You can simply go to this website and get whatever you like within a couple of clicks.

The Challenge

The DiveDeepAI team took the twitter API from twitter to get the tweets displayed on the website. Getting the twitter API was one of the major challenges as twitter requires proper reasoning and details of for what purpose the API will be used. Every single detail had to be documented and thoroughly explained for the approval of the account. The use of machine learning statistical model required a huge amount of training of the team. Moreover, for the sending of newsletter revue is being used. To get the access of revue a lot of effort was put in.

The Solution

Aitweets.co is an efficient website having a machine learning model deployed at the backend. This model helps the website to get the tweets automatically from twitter using the twitter API, displays it on the website and assigns it a label. There are four labels on the website, namely insights, updates, resources, and threads. The model help classify the tweets in them. Moreover, it sends weekly newsletter that keep the people updated on AI.

The Impact

We get AI tweets from some specific accounts only on twitter e.g., DeepMind. This website gets you curated AI tweets. Besides this, the website provides a newsletter facility on weekly basis. We understand that in this fast world people are at times even busier that they don’t have time to visit websites, so for such people this weekly newsletter will take the summary of posts, links of important tweets on AI for that week.


Project in Action

Data Gathering

Development of Front end

Attachment of Database

Third Party Integration i.e., Twitter and Revue API